What makes us different from other outsource partners? How do we retain 100% employee retention year after year? Our people and our company culture. Here, it’s not just about filling seats with an agent. In the Philippines, we pride ourselves on our positivity and a work-hard-play-hard mentality.

We have a deep love of life and family. When our Zebras become a member of your team – you (and your customers) become a part of that family. Like any family, we support one another in our personal and professional lives. As a result, our passionate team of Zebras truly care, going the extra mile to ensure customers receive nothing but love.

Team-Z Leadership

  • Nathan Yap


  • Niño Duran

    Co-Founder/Managing Partner

  • Ike Khanji


  • Khalil Rellin

    VP of Operations

  • Noelle Juarez

    Executive Director

  • Daniel Viduya

    Director of Growth

  • Community Events

  • Latest Technology

  • On-Site Medical Staff